Point Blank Range

Having the opportunity to film in a gun range is by far one of our favorite projects to date! Point Blank Range is a state of the art indoor gun range and firearm shop. From rentals, to safety classes, and so much more they are sure to have what ya need and want. You can checkout their website pointblankrangellc.com or if you’re in Harrisburg go ahead and stop in.


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This last weekend we we’re able to spend some time with my nephew Tucker. We went to the park, had some lunch, and of course took a few pictures. Im pretty sure he’s born to be a model! We wrapped up the evening with some other family in town riding their horses and camping. What nice weekend of campfires, food, and loved ones. Take a look at some of tuckers pics below.


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If you’re like me, you probably don’t think too much about lawyers till you need one. However, the team over at Culley, Feist, Kuppart & Jordan are definitely an exception! More than just experts at law, they are carrying on a legacy of being there for others, especially in time of need. Telling their story has been an honor and we strongly encourage you to checkout their services should you need representation!

Hear a part of Roman Kuppart’s story:


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We recently had the opportunity to create a few promo videos for our friends over at Morello’s Restaurant & Catering. It was fun to share what they do and tell a part of their story. Check out a few videos we made for them.





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Baby Piper

I am happy to announce Miss Piper Elizabeth Basinger! What a whirlwind! I am full of emotions! This sweet little girl came into the world super fast, and on St. Patrick’s Day! Couldn’t be happier to get to experience my best friends make their family of 4 complete. Big brother loves her already


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Steam Cafe Promo’s // Video

Here are some videos we made for our friends over at Steam Cafe in Harrisburg, IL. They offer a variety of coffee, tea and mouth watering eats. If you need a pick-me-up, a refresher or have an empty stomach, go check em out!


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Why The Need For Professional Photography

It goes without saying, everyone enjoys having photos around their home of loved ones. Capturing moments and freezing them in time to cherish is a staple all around the world. It warms the heart, reminds us of the past and preserves a visual record of how much change we experience over the years. However the need for hiring a professional photographer is rapidly decreasing with the advancement in technology and the outstanding capability the cameras on our smart phones are capable of. So, whats the need for a portrait photographer these days?

Its true the tech specs of most common smart phones are pretty impressive. Even as a photographer yielding expensive equipment I find myself grabbing my iPhone to snap a quick pic that is print ready. However, even as technology changes and makes capturing pictures easier than ever, the need for a pro will always be a much needed option.

For one, the ability to capture a shot is just one part of the art of photography. Among some of the editing (and I’m not talking about an app but more professional) skills needed, the ability to capture the correct image at a desired location and with correct composition is almost always something a pro does best. So if you’re looking to save money by taking your own pictures from your nice phone camera its not out of the “picture” (pun!). Although, there are some very good reasons as to why hiring a pro is a good idea.


Lets say you want to take pictures of your newborn. Or maybe you’re a new grandparent wanting a few pictures to document the new addition to the family. What posses are you going to use? Do you have any props laying around? Needless to say your selfie game better be on point to fit everyone in the shot. Unless you have the resources and patience to pull everything together it’s probably way more beneficial to let a pro take care of theses things and let you enjoy the process with little to to no stress at all.

Obviously, newborn photos are just one example and not everyone is always in need of baby pics but it goes without saying the same reasons apply to other photo sessions as well. No matter what the occasion, using a photographers services almost always produce better quality, with less hassle. That’s not to say put down your phones and pay tons of money every time you want photos, but to realize the importance of calling on the pros when it comes to certain shoots.



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